CreativeMissions Baltimore 2014

Creative Missions 2014 : Baltimore

WHAT IS IT? “A missions trip where church creatives can put the skills God has given them to use by helping churches communicate better.” It can be best summed with by my good friend – Jon Rogers … No, we didn’t build a church building…

When we become Christians through faith and baptism into Christ, we are made one with all other Christians around the world. Race, gender, and social status are gone. All that’s left is One, the One, Jesus. Our lives are his and thus are connected to each other. Our destination is the same, heaven. Our family is the church. No barriers. No closed doors. We are one.


#CreativeMissions; Day 1 Takeaway

Day 1 takeaway: Tomorrow officially starts CreativeMissions 2013. To say I am beyond excited is an extreme underestimate of the lack of sleep and the many carbonated beverages I have had to get me from North Carolina to Alaska. Today was a breath-taking exploration of…


Social Makeup of Social Media Income

Out of sheer curiosity, the great team at Compete used their demographic data to craft a mini-infographic showing the income breakdown across 6 of the top social sites. The US Browser Population is lined beneath each data-set for further comparison and context. Of these properties, LinkedIn shows the most…